AM3 is still for the future. If you have any questions on installation, let me know. Memory 1G DD2 Mhz memory seem mainstream. Seller said “tough luck”. Posted June 13, The install detected them, but the system will NOT boot: Or sign in with one of these services.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sun Jul 7 Do we need to pay attention to the chipset for linux kernel compatibility?

List of VIA chipsets

Posted May 15, Support for the latest PCI Express graphics cards and high speed peripheral devices is made available via the integrated VTA Southbridge for an ultra-satisfying multimedia platform for mainstream users. If you can believe it, I managed to install OSX.

If you feel this page in inappropriate on this wiki, contact http: This is important for energy conservation and the environment. Posted February 13, Posted May 26, I want to run: The latest PCI Express x16 graphics interface delivers over 3. We have 32 bits and 64 bits CPUs. I could do this on a notepad on my own computer, but the interest of doing this publicly on a wiki is that this page may end up showing the thoughtprocess behind such or such hardware decision.


Graphic card Many mainboard come with an integrated graphic chipset, so we don’t need an extra card.

If the power units adapts the power generated, then I may buy a more powerful power unit to allow for hardware upgrades Biostar are almost the same Check out the second post here: Posted June 21, I’ve not tested this driver with Snow Leopard, but in theory it should work if you have installed the kext with OSX86 Tools and repaired the permissions.

Chpset provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

The hard drive is still running on the USB bus. I am on my 3rd re-install Sign in with Twitter. Posted September 17, Posted January 2, Never mind, I see it there in that link. chipzet

AugustinMaNewHardware – Debian Wiki

Posted August 9, If you have any questions on installation, let me know. I have yet to see the network should be simple to configure. Thanks for that driver, Kalyway Posted September 2, Posted August 25, Posted July 23, I tried using XxX’s I will try Clover I tried installing uphuck