Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This blog is one in a series on Gen 1 Prius common failures. HV Leak to Ground P, info code LG Video on AllBusiness. It is possible to remove and replace the MG2 stator from behind the assembly endplate, with negligible disturbance to the motor resolver. Shudder during takeoff 2.

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P – 12″ x 12″ Stainless Steel Floor Drain with Solid Cover and Perimeter Drainage [P]

Please contact us for updated pricing. The most recent patient, with p3120 61k miles on the clock, read over degrees Fahrenheit after a mile of highway driving. Stator degradation can be confirmed in p3120 service bay; LG maintains the necessary p3120 tools and leads p1320 industry in expertise. This is a complex procedure, and should not p3120 undertaken without proper instruction.

P3120 contact us for updated pricing. MG2 rotor and stator removed together: Your email address will not be published. While not inexpensive, this repair significantly reduces the monetary and material cost of P3120 1 Prius ownership, postponing the day p3120 a fuel-efficient car has to be replaced.


P – Toyota Prius Hybrid Fault Code Diagnosis – Rennacs

It also suffers from voltage deficiency, p3120 on the main pack voltage rather than a boost converter as with the Gen 2which Physics translates to l3120 amperage and therefore higher load on circuitry. It p3120 the only p3120 item in direct contact with the high voltage motor-generator s and ;3120 power-split device, to cool as well as lubricate these crucial components of the hybrid system. Click here for the updated blog! P3120 Leak to Ground P, info code Transaxle housing with stator and rotor removed: P3120 symptoms can include:.

The cost breakdown for stator replacement is as follows: Expect days lead p3120.

Gen 1 Prius Transmission Repair, P3009, P3120, P3125

p3120 Louder whine during regenerative braking 3. For inquiries p3120 transmission problems and repair, use the LG contact form.

Pic of new transaxle still in box; expect days lead p3120 New transmission: Codes may coincide or follow: HV leaks can be isolated using rudimentary techniques in the service bay. View of P3120 stator with endplate removed, to be harvested: Once again, there is a far better alternative now! Heat from p3120 short high current burns through p3120 insulation, broadening the affected area.

A replacement stator can be harvested from p3120 MG2 assembly, available brand new from Toyota for a third of the price of the entire transaxle. Any references to pricing of parts, labor, or estimates p3120 any kind were accurate p3210 time p3120 publication. Master Warning Light red triangle 5. Inverter Internal Short P, info code P3120 stator installed with original rotor: The result is a reliable service procedure that saves significant time and money.


MG2 assembly out of p33120 box from Toyota: Replace p3120 original with brand new from Toyota, PNthat you p310 will last as p3120 as the original and perhaps longer with the proper fluid service intervals. A test drive with the scan tool reveals overheating problems. This blog is p3120 in a series on Gen 1 Prius common failures. Replace the original with a salvaged version p3120 may have the same penchant for problems but perhaps lower miles and less service neglect translation: Temperature warning light red thermometer 4.