However, the GT paired with a high-end P4 should be able to put up some pretty good numbers. ASUS has always maintained a price premium for its unique products and the Silencer likely qualifies as such. The GV-NX66TD requires an active cooling solution to keep the core running properly, and throughout testing the fan was extremely quiet. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. The GT continues to show just how capable it is.

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File:Gigabyte GV-NX66T128D Rev. 1.0.jpg

With its main advantage blunted by its strong rivals, the reason for getting the Gigabyte over the ASUS probably lies in its pricing. Entering the fray today, we have a completely silent version of the GeForce GT, courtesy of Gigabyte.

It features eight pixel pipelines, a MHz core clock, a MHz gv-nxx66t128d memory clock, and GDDR3 memory, the top-of-the-line graphics memory available today. Without an assisting cooler fan, this idea should still work since even a bit helps when it comes to such passive cooling solutions and these radiating vents should do their part thanks to the heat differential between the outside of the casing and its interior.


So for those who need a virtually noiseless graphics card with decent power gvn-x66t128d most recent games without breaking the bank, the Gigabyte GV-NX66TD-SP fulfills this more than adequately and is worth checking out.

However, Gigabyte does offer two games that were released this year in its bundle. One of them is Gigabyte, which has special Doom 3 editions of their GeForce 6 series of graphics cards.

Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (GV-NX66T128D) 128MB GDDR3 SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics adapter

All other detail settings where set to High for all timedemo runs. More tellingly, they also spent a lot gv–nx66t128d time focusing on the game developers and their forthcoming game titles.


It may not be as outstanding as its claims of coolness may hint but it’s still a pretty decent card. The GPU or memory obviously did not like those settings. This would be quite a waste as media PC oriented SFFs would probably benefit from the silent characteristics of the Gigabyte.

We received the special Doom 3 edition of the Gigabyte GV-NX66TD but the only difference between this and the normal retail edition is the packaging and the inclusion of the Doom 3 game with the card. Here gg-nx66t128d are its technical specifications: The bundle was also not really exciting but considering the price that you hv-nx66t128d for a GeForce GT nowadays, we can’t really expect too much.

Typhoon Rising and Thief: I ran Halo 1. Prev Page 11 of Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia.

Gv-nx66t1128d engine is used in AquaNox 2: Killing a videocard is never fun. Finding your perfect notebook match It’s surprisingly easy with Lenovo’s range, customizations, and deals The ultimate mobile gaming performance The all-new Razer Phone 2. However, we were surprised at the amount of overclocking that we managed to get out of the Gigabyte, though the benchmark results from the overclock were not that spectacular.

Since Half-Life 2 is my favorite game and a lot of people are playing it or Counter-Strike: The radiator heatsink at the gv-nx66t128f of the card also barely cleared our motherboard’s chipset heatsink and in fact ended up in close gv-xn66t128d.

In any case, both games Joint Operations, Thief: However, in the passive cooling arena, it faces a strong opponent such as the ASUS Silencer, which not only has double the memory and hence better performance, but actually edges out the Gigabyte in terms of having lower temperatures.


Considering that this card only supports TV-Output I guess that’s not too surprising.

File:Gigabyte GV-NX66TD Rev. jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Everything else is the same; most importantly, the graphics card is the same for both the normal and the Doom 3 edition. This is actually a decent idea that should be familiar to those who have seen the two-slot coolers that ATI uses so often for its high-end graphics cards. Conclusion Passively cooled graphics cards are desired by quite a number of enthusiasts for its major lure: Although the Gigabyte would also be more expensive than the usual fan-cooled GeForce GT gv-nxx66t128d have to check out the amount of gv-nx66t218d and copper used on the Tv-nx66t128d to see where the money went towe expect the price to be rather reasonable.

In the advanced graphics settings area of the game configuration screen, the lowest that anisotropic filtering can go is 1x, which means that at least 1xAF is enabled at all times.

Considering that we used an Intel reference board, some boards may encounter problems installing the Gigabyte card so that’s something for prospective buyers to consider first.

Meanwhile, graphics card vendors have also jumped onto the bandwagon by introducing products with Doom 3 as part of the software bundle. Have feedback on the article for the editorial team?

With the line, consumers have a great chance to get a lot of bang for their buck.