The first game was held in Bladworth , Saskatchewan , Canada in The Sociology of Disc Ed worked for the San Gabriel , California -based Wham-O Corporation and is credited for pioneering the modern era of disc sports. Usually, the number of throws a player uses to reach each target are tallied often in relation to par , and players seek to complete each hole, and the course, in the lowest number of total throws. Many players use what is referred to as a run-up during their drive. It’s All in the Wrist”. The consensus is that multiple groups of people played independently throughout the s.

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Their understanding and mastery can greatly improve a player’s game, and offer diverse options in maneuvering farrthest disc to the basket with greater efficacy. This article possibly contains original research.

Official Flying Disc World Records

All discs when thrown will naturally fall to a certain direction, this direction is termed Hyzerthe natural fall of the disc, or Anhyzermaking the disc fall against its natural flight pattern. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. The World Amateur Doubles Format includes best shot, alternate shot, best score players play singles and take the best result from the hole and worst shot both players must sink the putt.

For example, Innova Discs divides their discs into Distance Drivers and Fairway Drivers, with a fairway driver being somewhere between a distance tarthest and a mid-range disc. Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport worldwide, [39] and is the 4th fastest growing sport in United States, behind mixed martial artsroller derbyand parkour. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.


The New York Times. In order to facilitate making different shots, players carry a variety farthwst discs with different flight characteristics, choosing an appropriate disc for each throw. They are designed to travel farther distances at greater speeds and are mostly used for tee-off and other long distance throws. To perform this throw, the disc is rapidly drawn from across the front of the body, and released towards a forward aimpoint.

Official Flying Disc World Records

They are often supplemented with a larger sign near the course entrance which has a course map and other information. While there are many different grips and styles to throwing the disc, there are two basic throwing techniques: A gentle nudge will knock it off its axis of rotation for a second, but it will not topple over because spin adds gyroscopic stability. The stability rating of the discs differs depending on the manufacturer of the disc.

Before and the invention of the disc golf target called the disc pole holethere were only a few disc golf object courses in the U. They are designed to fly straight, predictably, and very slowly compared to mid-range discs and drivers.

David Wiggins Jr

The site lists courses worldwide in May Ed worked for the San GabrielCalifornia -based Wham-O Corporation and is credited for pioneering the modern era of disc sports.

Although early courses were played using trees, fence posts, or park equipment as the target, modern courses typically use tone targets or standard disc golf baskets. The forehand sidearm throw is performed by drawing the disc from behind and partially across the front of the body: There are also Disc golf companies such as Disc-Diva, that have started up with a primary, though not exclusive, focus on women in the sport, promoting accessories geared towards women and using catch phrases like “you wish you threw like a girl”.


This is why it is better for players to begin with fairway drivers, long drivers, or even mid-ranges, and incorporate maximum distance drivers as their strength and disc control increases. As a beginner it is suggested that you only use a putter or mid-range. These include match playskinsspeed golf and captain’s choice, which in disc golf is referred to as “doubles” not to be confused with partner or team play.

David Wiggins Jr – Innova Disc Golf

A disc that is over-stable will tend to track left for a right handed, backhand throwwhereas a disc that is under-stable will tend to track right also for a right handed, backhand throw. Although any disc can be used for a roller, some behave quite differently than others.

Donnelly began playing a form of Frisbee golf in called Street Frisbee Golf. Retrieved 24 December Retrieved April 6, Disc golf courses fatrhest usually built in more natural and less manicured environments than golf and require much less maintenance. Discraft divides their drivers into 3 categories: Retrieved December 25, For a left-handed, forehand throw LHFHthe disc will naturally fall to the left. Sappenfield planned a disc golf tournament as part of a recreation project and contacted Wham-O Manufacturing to ask them for help with the event.