Page History Login to edit. Alesis IO2 Express – Class complient. I have access to an IO26 which I’d prefer to use under Linux. As long as the Alesis is not connected, the sound system is running fine. For audio devices, have a look at Introduction to audio Network Devices Most common network devices work out of the box on any Ubuntu flavor.

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UbuntuStudio and Alesis io/2 Express – LinuxMusicians

I’ve sent the exact same request today! Even with the most drastic settings, no difference. That’s pretty much all the rec-experience I have, so I’m basically a complete n00b in this area.

Review your favorite Linux distribution. I have an IO2 Express that works quite well. Join our community today!

But it is only the direct sound of the guitar. All times are GMT August 20th, 2.

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. It should be noted that the programming information is only part of the solution – albeit a significant one. No such file or directory ALSA lib pcm. Lniux my aim is as far as music is concerned: To see a list of supported devices see http: Tested under Linux Mint Yep I think it sounds really, really good.


It sounds like you have successfully run them in Linux? Does anyone know if the ADAT connectors work with ffado 2. I still don’t find the reason why my config-file from Slackware doesn’t work with Debian. No way no asio drivers. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

To make it wlesis, I recently heard about Linux realtime kernel. I didn’t succeed in playing anything to the Alesis device this I had running with aplay using Slackware and I have to reload the alsa after a reboot to get the CK running. The second soundcard I am using is the onboard sound: Ubuntu now has what is referred to as Alsa Firewire Stack which are kernel modules that are loaded into the operating system when you boot Ubuntu.

Computers with Ubuntu preinstalled

Could you be of any help? Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? Here is some output, just in case this might be interesting: They will contact us when they are ready to support us. If you cannot get your latency low enough you could try a distro such as Debian that has a real time kernel Linux-RT. If you change I14 to something else in qjackctl, sometimes it is not possible to reselect I14 – it just says Default.


B] So, the jack2 part: I tried a lot with the xlesis etc but… regards erik stunkat. I don’t need Guitar Rig any longer. Since most drivers are already included with the live image you will most likely not need to install anything to find out. First, try the live DVD To find out if your hardware is supported there are numerous ways to do it.